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Our vision for a healthy company

Through healthy employees and a healthy work environment, Bertelsmann is a successful and future-oriented company.

For Bertelsmann, one thing is certain: the company’s long-term success is largely dependent on healthy employees and a healthy work environment. Employee health cannot be measured by presence alone. Healthy employees not only come to work, they also feel comfortable in the workplace, are fully committed to their tasks and identify with their company. Healthy framework conditions affect the organization of work, for example in workplace set up, how processes and procedures are organized and carried out, the distribution of tasks and responsibilities and leadership conduct. Healthy framework conditions also encourage employees to be attentive to their own health needs and behave health-consciously. Rather than implementing isolated or uncoordinated individual measures, systematic procedures that are goal oriented, comprehensive and integrate measures into the work process are preferred – because if you sit on a non-ergonomically oriented chair for 8 hours a day, you will not be helped in the long term by a weekly back exercise course. The overall goal is a successful company that can hold its own against market competition.

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Bertelsmann’s understanding of health

Health is no longer defined by the absence of diseases alone, but rather by a complex system of demands that include physical and psycho-social resources, as well as personal coping strategies and aspirations, all influenced by societal, individual and work factors.

At Bertelsmann, we view health not only as the absence of illness or discomfort, but also as a construct of many factors influencing each other. The World Health Organization defines health through three components: physical, mental and social health. Health is then shaped by the social and professional environment, as well as by societal and cultural traditions and individual factors (including genetic predisposition and lifestyle). It is important to keep this complex character of health in mind. And as employees spend much more time in a professional context, the company exerts an increasingly decisive influence on health. Through health management – primarily in the work context – part of the day is automatically healthy, and employees are encouraged to behave in a healthy manner. Of course, the company can only provide the impulse, create framework conditions and offer help to self-help. It is the responsibility of each employee to take advantage of available services and resources. 

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