Through sleet and snow? Exercising in the winter months

Good preparation: Suitable clothing and shoes

Because in winter an accustomed jogging track can quickly turn into a dangerous slide, preparations for sport activities begins with the right shoes. Pay attention to the sole’s profile: A sturdier, non-slip profile offers the necessary support. If you are unsure about your footwear, contact a running shop for advice. Another point is your clothing. Many athletes make the mistake of dressing too warmly in winter. Unnecessarily burdening the circulation, this can lead to overheating. The best approach is the layering “onion principle” and breathable functional underwear to ensure an optimal transfer of perspiration to keep the skin warm and dry. Equally important is the protection of the head and extremities, as the body loses most of its heat through them.

Safety first: Adjust your training

Even more important than in summer, is a proper warming-up before winter sports. Because gradually accustoming the lungs and muscles to the cold temperatures is necessary, 10 minutes of brisk walking is recommended before slowly increasing pace. If jogging is your sport of choice, be sure to adjust your running speed to the weather conditions. Poor visibility, snow or otherwise frozen surface, increases the risk of injury. It is preferable to use well-lit and cleared paths in winter. Doing so, minimizes likelihood of falls or being overlooked by cars. To counteract this danger, it is also advisable to wear reflective clothing or a special warning vest. If you don’t care for exercising outdoors in the winter months, you can opt for the fitness studio or indoor sport facility.


Even more important than in summer, is a proper warming-up before winter sports. 

And after sports?

Whether you work out indoors or out, in winter, it’s always important to take a hot shower following exercise. If it’s not immediately possible, Have a change of dry clothes with you. Remaining in wet clothes lowers your resistance to viruses such as colds.

Sports activities and a vitamin rich diet can work wonders in fighting colds, flu and other viruses.