Best Practice

Arvato on the move


Not every employee has a choice


Like Sebastian Tracht: Just one and half years ago, the 1,97meter tall AFS employee weighed 172 kilos – above the recommended weight limit from bicycle suppliers. Seeing the company bike campaign as his way to become active again, thirty-two-year-old Sebastian was shaken awaken. He set himself the goal of dropping his weight below the 150-kilo limit and freeing himself from everyday restrictions by becoming more athletic. That was then. This is now. Exercising nearly every day on his old bike, Sebastian has long passed the 150-kilo goal, working off an incredible 75 kilos! Today, the IT team leader enjoys riding his new company bike the 16 kilometers between Delbrück and Verl for work and in his spare time he can often push the odometer more than 100 kilometers. In addition to his cycling tours, regular visits to the fitness center and swimming are part of his every day regime.  


“The campaign is a great chance for employees to take the first step. Whether it’s an e-bike or a regular bicycle, it’s an investment in one’s own health,” sais Sebastian.

Company bikes are supplied to AFS by Company Bike Solutions and are available from Arvato Financial Solutions in Baden-Baden, Verl, Dortmund, Münster, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Nonnweiler, Berlin and Potsdam. In recognition of Sebastian’s specific ambition, Company Bike Solutions supplied him with matching bike accessories.

Kai Burr, Chief Human Resources Officer at AFS, who initiated the campaign two years ago, is delighted that the incentive triggered Sebastian Tracht’s achievements, explaining: “This is my favorite story about the company bike campaign and health management because it shows sustainable success can be achieved through innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach. And if we can continue to demonstrate such stories as a company, we’ll also change attitudes about health in the mid-term - that's what creates culture.”

Günter Göbel, Chairman of the Works Council Bertelsmann and Chairman of the Works Council Finance Verl: "Sebastian’s achievement is fantastic! And every employee has a story behind their individual health drive. Our aim is to motivate as many employees as possible to do something for their health by offering them services they can benefit from – like the bike campaign. We want to provide solid services that make as many healthy employees as possible.”