Best Practice

Promoting health in vocational training programs

At Bertelsmann, our employees have always been a crucial resource for the company’s success.
To sensitize even the youngest employees to the importance of health, the Central Vocational Training Program Department has integrated two Health Days in the training programming at the Gütersloh site, along with many other health-promoting activities and sport or exercise opportunities. The aim is to increase the awareness of one's own health as early as possible and integrate health-conscious be-havior into everyday working life.

Trainee fitness day

To emphasize the importance of regular exercise early on, and how trainees can benefit from it, Corporate Training Department and Bertelsmann Sports and Health have been organizing a Trainee Fitness Day in cooperation with site health departments and a local fitness center for years. During this annual event, trainees participate in sporting events and can take advantage of available health checks of their choice. Participants receive personal feedback on their current fitness level, as well as individual tips and exercises. Building on the experience of fitness day, trainees have access to numerous offers through the Bertelsmann Sports and Health Program as well as discounted rates with various fitness centers.

Trainee fitness day has been an integral and successful part of training at the Corporate Center and at Mohn Media in Gütersloh for many years.

School subject: Health

The 2017/18 school year saw the topic of health introduced at Bertelsmann’s private vocational college in Gütersloh. In an intensive two-day workshop, the college prepared itself for the introduction of the topic of health to vocational students, developing suitable courses for all industrial clerks in their first year of training and second semester BA candidates in International Management. Emphasizing positive self-image and stress management, programming focusses on both physical and psychological health, including topics such as exercise and sleep and nutrition. Among the special features of the learning approach is its innovative and motivational concept, including interactive Apps enabling the real time status of both opinion and knowledge. The positive feedback of the learning groups has encouraged Vocational Training Program to consider developing the subject for further implementation in the coming years.