Best Practice

Major canteen renovation at Majorel in Dortmund

Prior to the innovations, the health situation at the location was examined in detail: In addition to a comprehensive employee survey, work situation analyses and executive interviews were carried out. On this basis, measures were developed at the levels of "protection" (e.g. health checks), "guidance" (e.g. health service circles), "design" (e.g. regulation of working hours) and "promotion" (e.g. company sports). And to the delight of all employees, a conclusion was drawn: A new canteen must be built!

The former lounge and social room, which were rather loud and uncomfortable, were completely renovated. The kitchen was modernized and equipped with new appliances. The canteen is now hardly recognizable: Modern, bright and cozy. Room dividers and plants provide better acoustics. In addition to long tables, there are now also four tables for smaller groups. Employees have the opportunity to enjoy their well-earned break in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

Have a look for yourself: Compare the old and the new canteen.