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A question of posture: ergonomics in the workplace

Tensions in the shoulder and neck area, permanent back or joint pain, intervertebral disc problems: It’s not only at Bertelsmann that musculoskeletal disorders are one of the main reasons for sick leave (Bertelsmann BKK, 2017).

The causes are manifold: a lack of – or only one-sided – movement, a non- ergonomically designed workplace and unhealthy posture. In this context, ergonomics are not only how individual work aids are arranged, but rather the entire workplace environment (e.g. lighting, indoor climate, freedom of movement). Ergonomic considerations therefore can only be effective when work processes and all associated conditions are examined in detail.

Whether in the office or in production, whether sitting, standing or on the move – ergonomically designed working conditions greatly increase effective and efficient work because employees are safer and healthier.

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