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You want to actively do something for your health or that of your team? Here you can find inspiration regarding services on various themes related to health. 


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Key topics

Here you will find interesting facts on a variety of topics affecting personal and occupational health. Click on the link for impulses!

Mental health

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Health management

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Healthy leadership

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“Good health is a prerequisite for the ability to participate productively and enthusiastically in working life. That’s why companies and employees should work together to promote health.”

Thomas Rabe | Chairman and CEO, Bertelsmann

“Investing in the health of our employees is always an investment in our company as well.” 

Immanuel Hermreck | Chief Human Resource Officer, Bertelsmann

“To remain competitive in today’s fast-moving world, more than ever before, you need to invest in the employability and health of your employees. Doing so promotes job satisfaction, motivation and creativity.”

Liz Mohn | Chairwoman, Shareholder’s Meeting and the Bertelsmann Management Company

“The history of Bertelsmann is not about sales figures or external experiences or events. It is the history of people who have carried this company and its work.” 

Reinhard Mohn l Bertelsmann Post-war founder and benefactor (1921-2009)

Video: Chief HR Officer Immanuel Hermreck in an Interview

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Our vision

Through healthy employees and a healthy work environment, Bertelsmann is a successful and future-oriented company. 

Our strategy

Would you like to learn more about our health strategy at Bertelsmann? Group specific information on our mission statement, relevant committees and our standards is available here. 

Mission statement

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Bertelsmann Health Community

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Minimum standards

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